Sell Futures, Not Features

How anyone can uncover hidden benefits to any product or service, so desirable and compelling that you can't help but sell more

Even if you hate sales, don't know how to sell or don't want to sell too hard.

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Don't sell features, sell futures

"Sell Futures Not Features is my method for helping YOU overcome your fears of rejection, find people who love your product and uncover hidden desirable benefits, to your products and services, that are SO compelling, you can’t help but sell them."

- Mike Killen

Author of Sell Futures, Not Features

From the best selling author of Five Figure Funnels

The hyper-pragmatic and down to earth guide for entrepreneurs, business owners and products creators to sell more for higher prices, and feel comfortable doing it.

No matter your sales experience or how much you’ve sold in the past, you’ll learn how to sell more products and services for whatever price you want.

The reason most people struggle to sell what they want, for the price they want, is because they’re bored by or unconfident in their own product, their customers seem uninterested with what they have to sell and they’re uncomfortable with the sales processes they’ve been taught.

Follow the Sell Futures, Not Features framework to overcome those roadblocks and build products, offers and sales messaging that make you the absolute best choice in your market.

What's Inside The Book!?

  •  Secret #1: Create over 100 reasons for people to by any of your products or services
  •  Secret #2: Write killer sales copy that converts
  •  Secret #3: Eliminate objections with compelling “future statements”
  • Secret #4: Craft masterful sales campaigns quickly and easily
  •  Secret #5: Generate qualified leads from people who want to buy from you
  •  Secret #6: The Real SECRET For Vanquishing Any Foe Without Talk to more leads and convert them into customers
  • Secret #7: Get more deals, for higher prices, with less work